Remembering You

Remembering You at

In love for it is gone
In hell for I’m alone
In the shadows for you are not there
As I burn here while smiling to you on the phone

I know you love me
But oh how I wish you were here
I need you but you are nowhere to be seen
I know you left for me but its here that i wish that you’d be

I’ll stay with you when you walk along the seashore
I know you ’ll see my face in the golden waves
When the water turns red with the setting sun
I know you’ll remember all the words I said to you before

As you get wet in the rain
I’ll remember the day when we got wet together
You’ll miss my words and my smiles
And even the memory of your touch will not be enough to relieve me of my pain

You’ll be back I know
You promised you’ll see me soon
But that doesn’t relieve the burns
                                                      That flared up in my heart when I saw you go

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